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Are you getting your monies worth? We will check all areas of the operation of the elevator(s). We will check the general operation, door operation, door timing, electric eyes, safety equipment, control panel where the heart of the elevator is, the pump and motors as necessary. We will also check for oil leaks, cleanliness, and lubrication of the elevator. We will then give you an itemized report of the areas we believe need attention, including any out of date safety violations and codes. All without an expensive cost to you.

Have you ever done a retrofit of an elevator where the company used proprietary equipment where they were the only company who could service it? If we change any equipment for you, we will use only equipment sold on the open market known as open source. This means any elevator company will be able to service it and you will not be bound to one company to service the elevator. If we fail to provide you the quality service you expect, you are not bound to us because of the equipment.